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TRACKS Summer Alternative Break Program in Seattle

Our TRACKS Summer Alternative Break Program started last week. A group of #CSUSB students are out to the “Emerald City,” Seattle for a week of service and learning from July 20-27. They volunteered at VRP Bike Works, ROOTS Young Adult Shelter, Garden Tilth, Matt Albright Native Plant Nursery and Habitat for Humanity Seattle. They also got a chance to explore the beautiful Emerald City from hiking to kayaking. Great job ‘Yotes for leaving your paw prints in Seattle!

Are you interested in joining us on our next trip? Go to http://www.csusbrecsports.com/outdoors/calendar_all/service for a list of our upcoming trips or contact Recreation & Wellness Center at (909) 537-2348.


Collage of photos from TRACKS Summer Alternative Break Program in Seattle.

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CSUSB Little Libraries In The Community

Collage of photos of our students while replenishing the books for our Little Libraries located in the community.

Our students at the Office of Community Engagement had a great time replenishing the books to our #CSUSB Little Libraries in the community this week. They are supplying food for the brain for our future 'Yotes! Way to go OCE students at leaving your paw print in our community! 🐾🐺💙 #EngageCSUSB

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Cherstin Lyon as the New Office of Community Engagement Faculty Associate

Cherstin Lyon is the new Faculty Associate for OCE.

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Cherstin Lyon has been appointed as the new Office of Community Engagement Faculty Associate. She will begin her new two year appointment as of July 2017.

Dr. Lyon has extensive experience in community-based work, including 11 years of experience teaching service learning classes. She also received the “Vision Award” for her work on a community-based preservation and historical research collaboration for the city of Riverside. Through a variety of professional development experiences and scholarly effort, she has developed a student-centered approach to incorporating service learning and community-based research in the classroom. Dr. Lyon also co-chaired the committee on Goal 4: Community Engagement for the CSUSB Strategic Planning process.

Dr. Lyon earned her Ph.D. in History from the University of Arizona, an M.A. in History from the University of Oregon and a Bachelor of Arts in History also from the University of Oregon.

Congratulations Dr. Lyon!

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Hey 'Yotes! Starting tomorrow, June 28-Aug 22 #CSUSB The DEN's summer hours are from 11 AM-1 PM, every 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month or by appointment. Please email leaveyourpawprint@csusb.edu to schedule an appointment today. See you soon! #CSUSBTheDEN

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Spring Break at Manzanar

CSUSB history and anthropology students, led by Cherstin Lyon, associate professor of history, volunteered over spring break at a public archeology project at the Manzanar National Historical Site. It is the 25th anniversary of Manzanar, one of the 10 camps where Japanese Americans were held during World War II. The history club was awarded first place in a national competition for history clubs for its service to the university and to the community, including its ongoing work at Manzanar. Great job 'Yotes at leaving your paw prints at Manzanar.

Photo credit goes to Jeff Burton and Rocio Gomez.

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TRACKS Alternative Spring Break Program at New Orleans, Louisiana

TRACKS collage photos of their last two service projects at NOLA.

Leading up to the end of their stay at New Orleans our 'Yotes spent their day volunteering at Villalobos Rescue Center and Camp Restore.

Villalobos Rescue Center is a private, non-profit organization. Founded by Tia Maria Torres, Villalobos Rescue Center is a 501c3 registered charity focusing on rehabilitation and rescue of the American Pit Bull Terrier dog, with help from the parolees who work and care for the dogs. For more info go to http://www.vrcpitbull.com.

Camp Restore is a non-profit organization. It was opened in October of 2006. Their mission is to restore faith, home and community. They work to achieve this by providing housing, meals and service project coordination to thousands of volunteers from across the country and beyond as they serve with them and their partner nonprofits in Baton Rouge, Detroit and New Orleans. For more info go to http://camprestore.org.

Cody and our fellow 'Yotes leaving their paw prints at New Orleans, Louisiana! Great job 'Yotes at volunteering during your spring break!

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Collage of photos of CSUSB students volunteering at New Orleans Mission.

What is Cody and our fellow 'Yotes up to in New Orleans? They are busy volunteering with New Orleans Mission, a non-profit organization. Today our #CSUSB students are helping prepare and serve food at the center. Way to go 'Yotes in continuing to leave your paw prints in the greater New Orleans area.

New Orleans Mission was founded in 1989. They provide shelter, food and spiritual guidance to growing number of homeless population in the city. For more info go to New Orleans Mission.

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Collage pictures of CSUSB students volunteer with St. Bernard Wetlands Foundation during Sring Break.

Cody and our fellow 'Yotes working hard volunteering with St. Bernard Wetlands Foundation,Inc., a non-profit organization at New Orleans. They are helping plant trees and restoring wetland of St. Bernard Parish. In total, they planted more than 80 trees.

The St. Bernard Wetlands Foundation, Inc., was founded in 1993 to preserve, protect, enhance, and restore the wetlands and contiguous lands of St. Bernard Parish. Cick on St. Bernard Wetlands Foundation, Inc. for more information about the non-profit organization.

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Collage photo of CSUSB students volunteering with ARC of Greater New Orleans sorting Mardi Gras beads.

CSUSB 'Yotes enjoying another service project with ARC of Greater New Orleans helping sort Mardi Gras beads. Click on ARC of Greater New Orleans for more information about the non-profit orgnaization.

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TRACKS Alternative Spring Break at New Orleans, Louisiana.

Several CSUSB students leaving their paw print in New Orleans, Louisiana for their Spring Break from now till April 1. Starting off with service project with a non-profit organization called Youth Rebuilding New Orleans at Mrs. Mammies' House. Our CSUSB 'Yotes working hard to help rebuild one of the tornado damaged area.

Click on Youth Rebuilding New Orleans for more information about this non-profit organization.

What are you doing to make an impact in your community during Spring Break?

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Let's Get on Board with Service

Getting on board with service group photo.

Welcome back 'Yotes. As the new acadmic year begins, we want to start off our year right by encouraging all our 'Yotes to Get on Board With Service! Don't forget to check out our volunteer page to read about the new volunteer opportunities on and off campus.Find out ways to get involved in how to leave your paw print in our community. We wish you all a great success in this upcoming school year!

More than sixty #CSUSB students volunteered with San Bernardino County to help cleanup Highland Avenue and Perris Hill Park on Saturday, Sept. 24. Thank you 'Yotes for leaving your paw print in our community. Way to go in making a difference! Go 'Yotes! Photos courtesy of Corinne McCurdy, CSUSB photographer. #engageCSUSB#fightblight

Our CSUSB Students created almost 700 family food boxes for CAPS to feed families in San Bernardino County! Thank you to our 100 volunteers from USTD 100 and their instructors for leaving their paw prints in our community on Make A Difference Day! View our slideshow. #engagecsusb #MDDAY

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CSUSB Partnership Form

Click here button.

The resulting database will enable CSUSB to showcase community-bassed collaborations through scholarship, teaching, research, creative activities, service, and more.

If you have any questions, please contact Diane Podolske at (909) 537-7483 or email partnership@csusb.edu.

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